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InBody Fall Risk Assessment

Fall Risk Assessment InBody SA.png



The InBody Fall Risk Assessment (FRA), is designed to identify the risk of falling and assess the current state of balance. Though the FRA can be used by anyone, the population of the elderly is the one who benefits of its outcomes the most.

Most falls among the elderly are caused by the lack of body balance and leg strength. By knowing ones risk of falling, 80% of all falls can be prevented among the elderly. A simple fall may seem insignificant but it can greatly affect the lives of older people as it can cause injuries and impair their physical function.

Therefore, the InBody FRA is of paramount importance to inform medical professionals of potential risk of falling in their patients. First, we evaluate the risk of falling, and if the risk is above a certain level, we identify fall risk factors from various angles. The fall risk can be reduced if its factors are continuously managed and patients are given personalized treatment.

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