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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do I need to calibrate my InBody?
    It is recommended that you calibrate your InBody once annually.
  • I cannot view my InBody results from the APP after testing at my fitness club.
    Make sure the InBody device is in router network range. Ensure the wifi router has a connection to the internet. Make sure to use the same ID and mobile number that you used when registering in the APP.
  • Some of the parameters are missing on InBody APP.
    Depending on the InBody model you have tested with, there will be a difference in the amount of parameters you can see from the APP. The higher model you have used, the more datas you can see.
  • The InBody Test results vary. Why is there a difference in outcomes?
    If you are standing with incorrect posture, outcomes will vary. Make sure your hands and feet are come in contact with the electrodes properly. Maintain this posture until the Test is complete. If you have dry hands and/or feet, clean them with an InBody Tissue before testing. InBody recommends testing during the same time of day, under the same conditions for accuracy.
  • What is the normal range of visceral fat level?
    Visceral fat level is InBody’s method of level display which leveled cross section of visceral fat from 1 to 20. For adults, it is normal if visceral fat level is below 10. The lower the visceral fat level, the better.
  • What does my InBody ranking mean?
    Your InBody Ranking is based off a formula that compares your weight, muscle mass, and body fat mass. A person with a high body fat percentage would have a lower score than a person with a lower body fat percentage. Lose body fat mass to see your ranking increase.
  • What if the user does not know his or her height?
    Height is important for obtaining accurate InBody Test results. Measure the user on a stadiometer for best results.
  • If the user's thighs or armpits touch, would that affect the test results?"
    Yes. If the user’s thighs or armpits touch, have him or her wear a light short sleeve shirt and shorts to obtain more accurate results.
  • I want to view my InBody data from PC or laptop, is this possible with InBody Dial?"
    InBody Dial is a home-use product and data can only be checked from the InBody APP. If you would like to manage data on PC, you must purchase Professional device.
  • Power is not switching on.
    - Check if the Power Cord or the Power Adopter is unplugged. Recheck the status of the connection of the Power Cord and the Power Adapter. - Power fuse is disconnected. Please replace the power fuse. - If your device uses a power fuse, replace the power fuse and check again.
  • Result sheet is not printing, or the pages are not clear."
    - Printer cable is disconnected. Please check the printer cable's connection. - Printer setup is incorrect. Please check it in SETUP mode. - The number of pages to print is set to 0. Please check it in SETUP mode. - It does not work if the connection with printer is not ready. Please reset the power. - It is out of printer ink or toner. Please replace them.
  • Test does not work.
    - Your hands and feet are too dry to conduct the test due to keratins. Please provide enough moisture to your hands and feet using our electrolytic tissue. - Your posture is not proper for test. Please refer to the posture recommended for test. - Your feet and hands are not properly connected to the electrodes. Please refer to the proper test method. - Test is suspended temporarily due to external factors such as static electricity. Please reset the power.
  • Test result is not accurate.
    - Your submitted invalid private information. Please try again. - Your posture is not proper for test. Please check the recommended posture and try again.
  • Screen is not clear to see.
    - LCD screen's contrast is adjusted in low level. Adjust it using the contrast adjustment switch at the back of InBody.
  • Weight measurement is not working, or the weight measurement data is not accurate."
    - Error occurred in the initial setup. Reset the power after turning off the power and remove any object on the step. - unit setup is not proper. Please check the unit setup in Setup mode. - InBody is not balanced. Please adjust the height of the InBody to balance it. - Other objects such as carpet under the feet of the machine disturb weight measurement. Please remove the object. - Temporarily the weight measurement data is invalid due to external factors. Pease reset the power.
  • Error message appears.
    - error message ① "Remove the object on the step." This message appears when you put an abject on the step before warming-up is completed after power-on. Remove the object from the step and turn on the power again. - error message ② "Your private information is not valid." Your provided invalid data in age and height section. Please check he allowance range. - error message ③ "Wipe your hands and feet with electrolyte tissues." This message appears when the contact between hands and feet with electrodes is not proper due to dry hands and feet or plenty of keratins that disturb the test. Check your posture for measurement and try again after wiping your hands and feet with provided wet tissues.
  • What is the correct measuring posture for BPBIO320 or BPBIO750?
    The measuring arm should be inserted into the device with your elbow placed on the elbow point. Also, the height of the chair should be adjusted so that the measuring upper arm is at the heart level.
  • Does the height of chair matter when messuring blood pressure?
    When measuring your blood pressure, the measuring upper arm should be at the heart level for an accurate measurement. Your blood pressure reading may be higher if your sitting position is too high. It is important to have a height-adjustable chair so that the measurer can adjust the chair level accordingly.
  • What are the precautions for the blood pressure measurement?
    - Smoking or drinking coffee is prohibited 30 minutes before the measurement - Take a rest for 5 minutes before the measurement - Remove thick coats or jackets before the measurement - Do not roll up your sleeves
  • Why does my blood pressure measurement result varies?
    Blood pressure can fluctuate about 30mmHg throughout the day. Compare your blood pressure with measurements taken around the same time on other days. The reference Blood Pressure values for comparison must be taken from the same side of the arms because generally, the Blood Pressure of the left and right arms are different.
  • My blood pressure is higher than usual.
    Your blood pressure reading may be higher if - you are taking your first measurement - your sitting position is high - you are wearing thick clothing - your clothes are grouped or rolled up - you are anxious or not relaxed
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