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Using the InBody Body Composition Analysis Device, makes everything easier from Medical to Training and fitness. 

Have a look at how our clients experience using the InBody device.

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Ineke Janse van Rensburg - Dietician

I am a Registered Clinical Dietitian in private practice since 2001.  When InBody SA approached me in 2011 with the InBody devices to assist me in my practice I saw the value of the data. I started off with the InBody 370 (stationary device) and R20 (mobile device) for my satellite practices. The clients love to see the data and this encourages them to come for follow-up visits to see the change in their results. 


What I like most about the InBody device is that it doesn’t make use of empirical estimation to measure data but gives an accurate measurement according to a person’s own body.  I later upgraded to the InBody 770. This made a tremendous difference as I could see the segmental water balance and phase angle on the InBody 770. These measurements help me as a practitioner to provide a better service to patients.


The InBody 120 replaced the R20 which makes it easy to visit satellite practices and to combine the data into the Lookin’Body software.  I have clients that come back in five to ten years’ time which I can compare with their old data. They love this comparison and feel special that they are still found on the Lookin’Body software.  It also happens that I refer clients to my main practice to measure on the InBody 770 because the data is so much more comprehensive.

I have clients who start an exercise program where muscle is built and fat is lost but the weight may stay the same. This results in a reduction in fat%. I can see fatloss on different body segments as well as water retention and phase angle which all provide information on progress and where focus should be for the following weeks.  I am forever thankful for this fantastic equipment in my practice that assist me to provide a comprehensive service to my clients.

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