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InBody 770


Body Composition Analyser


Based on the SMF-DSM Technolgoy unique to InBody, 8-Point Tactile Evaluation Method, the InBody 770 can be considered as the flagship of Body Impedance Anlysers.  It is widely used by Medical Facilities, Private Doctors, Specialist Dietitians, Wellness Coordinators, Aesthetic Clinics and Sport Medicine Institutions.  It has much more to offer due to the increased amount of frequencies utilised to do measurements.


Measurements such as Segmental lean, Segmental Water Balance, Segmental Phased Angle, Intra- and Extracellular Water is just a few of the specialist parameters measured  to evaluate your customers or patients. History tracking of data over a period of time is essential and will provide you with valuable data as far as progress are concerned.

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