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InBody 380

InBody SA 380_2.png


Body Composition Analyser

With multiple testing frequencies that deliver in-depth outputs, the InBody 380 offers portability and detailed data in the same package, for unbeatably quick yet advanced analysis. Get new insights into your clients’ health with Segmental Fat Analysis, ECW/TBW — Phase Angle, and other innovative metrics.

Embedded Barcode Scanner

Assess people faster. Testers can scan a QR code or InBody BAND to sync results with their InBody App profiles. Connect your InBody 380 to our cloud solution LookinBody Web to sync results with testers’ database profiles and eliminate manual data entry.

Easy Measurement

Test a broad variety of people in 30 seconds. The InBody 380’s quad load cell system enables it to accurately evaluate a wide range of weights during body composition testing, even if users need to hold the device’s handles for stability.

Customizable Results

Track the data that matters most. Select the order and type of outputs shown on the right-hand side of the Result Sheet. Personalize the Body Composition History to focus on the progress of specific metrics.

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