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Advanced BIA technology & body composition analysis.

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ACCREDITED FINANCING AVAILABLE.  Phone 012 361 8000 or send us a message via our contact form.



InBody 970

The Inbody 970 pushes advanced BIA body composition forward by using patented technology to accurately categorise and analyse abdominal fat and total body water. >>


InBody 770

Based on the SMF-DSM Technolgoy unique to InBody, 8-Point Tactile Evaluation Method, the InBody 770 can be considered as the flagship of Body Impedance Anlysers.  It is widely used by Medical Facilities, Private Doctors, Specialist Dietitians, Wellness Coordinators, Aesthetic Clinics and Sport Medicine Institutions. >>

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InBody 570

The InBody 570 provides advanced analysis capabilities due to it's multi frequency measuring ability. Intra and extra cellular water is measured separately and provide the medical, wellness and fitness industry with values which is important to understand  fluid distribution and hydration values. >>



In early 1990's during his post-doctoral position at Harvard Medical School, Dr Kichul Cha, Discovered the results of bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) were Fundamentally inaccurate. He pointed out how different body parts have different levels of impedance, to accurately analyze body composition, the body will need to be analyzed by segments instead of as a whole. Dr. Cha developed the methods that would overcome the limitations of BIA and transform how BIA would be measured. With this he created the InBody. 

In 1996, Dr. Cha founded InBody Co., LTD. in Seoul, Korea to produce and promote the InBody and its revolutionary methods. The InBody features direct segmental multi Frequency bio-electrical impedance Analysis and uses an eight-point tactile electrode method, which can precisely measure individual body compositions. >>Read more





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